One of my FAVORITE facial masques…

Caudalie’s purifying masque is great for targeting blemishes. I truly love this masque. Whenever my girlfriend’s come over for a girls night…this is my go to on which masque to use. I leave it on for 10 minutes and then use hot water & a rag to wash it off. It really helps with blackheads. I’ll sit in front of the mirror and easily squeeze them right out. For best results use this mask twice a week. As you can see mine is almost out from using it so much, so I’ll have to purchase another one.

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Everything that happened yesterday: leave it in the past where it belongs. Start fresh with a to-do list. Energize, eat well, drink lots of water, take vitamins. What do you need to get done? Jot it down and get ready to complete some tasks. Without struggle you would not appreciate your strength. There will be no more heartache today. No stress, sadness or pain. Today is going to be good day! Yes, it’s going to require your full attention, good vibes, dedication and willpower, but being content with yourself and finding happiness within your soul is well worth it. Start achieving things instead of putting them on the back burner. No more excuses. The time we have is NOW, so let’s start making some progress.- Melissa Molomo


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